Friday, October 06, 2006

A Brief Reflection on the "Goonies"

Much fun was had by all at Movies in the Park last night! Fortunately the dealership was able to squeeze six cars out of its limited inventory for display. We did not notify our customers far enough in advance (sadly) and, thus, had very little owner-participation. On a positive note, the weather could not have been more perfect: not too warm, but not too cool. There were very few bugs and lots of people. We really had a great turn-out for the event, especially being the first showing (the first is usually the smallest); probably around 200-250 at the Square!

It’s amazing how you change as you age; how your state of mind and thought processes mature into something very different from how you used to be. As I watched the Goonies last night I found myself thinking, “I used to actually like this movie?” I realized that I was repeatedly annoyed at every little antic, ultimately trying to decide whether to leave at the intermission or wait it out until the end.

Looking back this morning I realize the intended audiences of the Goonies and, in that, have decided that it really is a great movie. There is a reason, after all, that I enjoyed the film so much 15 years ago. This conclusion has brought me to the realization that I am getting old and need to lighten-up a bit. What’s wrong with being a kid all your life? It’s the MINI way!


Anonymous Jimmy said...

Just get over it you old fart!! Someone needs to beat you with the whine stick! Just kidding. It was a good time last night, even though I had to carry my huge chair across the park! Next week - ZOOLANDER!!! Woo HOO!!!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

You sure sound like you're having a great time in Chucktown. Tim and I wish we could be there with you.

Miss you lots!

4:02 PM  

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