Monday, January 08, 2007

January Monthly Motoring in Savannah

Fun fun fun in the, um, rain rain rain! Hey, MINIs LOVE the rain! Despite the damp ambiance we had a great time.

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Our journey included a four-mile drive through the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, then a drive out to the Chew-N-Choke . . . wait, I mean Squat-N-Gobble! This is the best greasy spoon around. I was so hungry and kept whining about it, so Chris decided to give me a fortune cookie. As you can tell by my expression, it was a little stale.

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We had a record turn-out this time: 8 MINIs and 11 bodies! Thanks to our newest participants: Brent & Janel, John, and Alison, Susan, & Josh. Hope to see y'all again next month!

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Speaking of next month, we plan to hold the February Monthly Motoring in Charleston on the 4th. Those coming from Savannah will meet at their usual time (10:00AM) at the Starbucks in the Twelve Oaks Shopping Center, then motor to Charleston where we will all converge in the parking lot across the street from the dealership. Look for further updates soon!

Happy Motoring!


Anonymous murmini said...

We had a great time and once again, appreciated you driving down from Charleston. Next month we will be making the effort to visit your lovely city.

8:32 PM  
Blogger cooler*doula said...

Hi Matt,
Alison here... I think I figured out the pulling o the left problem I had on Sunday... The power steering went kAput! today, as the Germans might put it, and little Pepper was put on a truck and delivered to your dealership this afternoon. Keep an eye out for her for me, won't you?


8:09 PM  
Blogger ♥ Christina ♥ said...

That's so awesome!! I love that picture (the first one) with the MINIs in the rearview mirror and infront! Very cool! I can't wait til my next meet... on the 20th!! And we're trekking down to Detroit for the AutoShow too :D

11:28 PM  
Blogger QWKSLVR said...

GREAT photos Matt..!!!..I'll be
there with 'BELLS' on..!!! :-}

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy said...

So Matt.....who actually took those photos????? Ummm huh

9:58 AM  
Blogger ♥ Christina ♥ said...

Don't you mean "January"? :P

11:43 PM  

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